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Exam Command Words


Add notes to a diagram, photo or map. Annotations should provide some additional description and/or explanation.


Provide an account of the similarities AND differences.


Provide a precise meaning for a key term


Provide a written picture of the important features. Say what you see!

Describe the characteristics of….

What does the feature look like. For example ,in the case of a landform: its shape, its dimensions etc.

Describe the link between…..

Describe the link between 2 sets of data.

Describe the changes in…

Often used in relation to a graph. Good use of accurate adverbs is required e.g. rapidly,steeply,gently etc. If figures are provided use them!

Describe the differences between….

Here differences only between 2 sets of data will be credited.

Describe the location of/distribution of……

This is usually used in conjunction with a map or set of maps. Location refers to the place where something is, usually in relation to a direction or other features. Distribution refers to any groupings of phenomena. Better answers will tend to describe trends and identify anomalous areas.

Describe and comment on…….

This demands a higher level of response than just ‘describe.’ You also need to make a judgement or possibly offer an explanation.

Explain/Suggest reasons why…?Account for…/How might…?

You are being asked to give a statement(s) as to why something occurs. The command word is testing your ability to know or understand why or how something happens.


These words ask for a short sentence or single word answer to a simple task such as : a value on a graph or a named example.

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